Monday, May 18, 2009

51 - Head into the shop

You head into the shop, thinking that you should stock up on some goods before you proceed further on your quest (whatever your quest is). The cashier warmly welcomes you.

"Hello, good sir! Care to purchase any HEALTH POTIONS or sell anything?"

You consider buying something, but you don't have any money on hand! The only thing you can do at this point is sell something or question the cashier.

You check your BAG: You have (1) TOP HAT, (1) MONOCLE, (1) CAMPFIRE KINDLE, (1) GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH, (1) BAT, (1) KEY, (1) GOLD BAR, and (1) MIRROR.

Sell the GOLD BAR


Anonymous said...

Trade/sell gold bar.

Ronald said...

Indeed, sell the gold bar. I would have like to use it as a bribe sometime but oh well. Money is power.


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